God and Medication Safety


God and Medication Safety

February 18, 2019 Articles 0

Nathan Wray

Licensed and Ordained Minister


Isaiah 38 : 21

For Isaiah had said, let them take a lump of figs, and lay it for a plaster upon the boil, and he (Hezekiah) shall recover.

Gift from God

This was certainly a gift from God. Not just the medicine, but the life that God would spare. Hezekiah would not only receive 15 more years of life, but God was going to deliver Hezekiah out of the hands of Assyria.

Medication Safety

Did you notice that God gave specific instructions for using the medication? It had to be a lump of figs, made in to a plaster, and placed on the boil. It wasn’t supposed to be a mound of figs, a pinch of figs, or a dash of figs.

What if?

What if it wasn’t made correctly, what if it was applied around the boil? What if Isaiah made a paste and not a plaster. What if Isaiah didn’t use figs?

Medication Safety

Medication safety is just as important today as it was for Isaiah and Hezekiah. Unfortunately in this lifetime people are misusing medications every single day. Some misuse because they haven’t been educated on the dangers of misuse.

What we do

Nathan (our licensed and ordained minister) gives a presentation on the 4 principles of Medication safety. He opens the presentation with prayer, and closes in prayer. That’s it.

What you can do

Invite us in. We don’t want to interrupt your services, or programs. You can pick a special night, invite the community, make it a ministry. We are flexible and can accommodate just about any schedule. Most importantly you can pray. Pray for the epidemic that is causing our county so much pain.