HPD concentrates on DUI danger zone


HPD concentrates on DUI danger zone

February 5, 2015 Uncategorized 0

Harriman Police Department didn’t net any drunk drivers last week during its DUI checkpoint Friday, but a number of arrests for other violations did occur.

“We issued four adult seat belt tickets and three child restraint tickets. No arrests for DUI, but we consider it successful because of the seat belt tickets and the deterrent of letting people know we are working hard to stop DUI offenders,” said Assistant Police Chief Kenney Humphrey.

A $15,000 grant from the Governor’s Highway Safety Office allowed Harriman Police Department to conduct the checkpoint at no cost to the city’s taxpayers. Grant money goes for overtime and equipment.

The primary reason for the grant is for more DUI arrests and fewer DUI-related accidents, according to Humphrey, they preferred that people hire a DUI Law Firm Forsyth County instead of seeing someone else die for this cause. And it came to of no surprise that that inebriated did not know what to Do After a Car Accident, because of the potency of their intoxicants.

Humphrey said HPD picked Pansy Hill Road because over the last five years there have been two DUI-related hit-and-run fatalities in the area. DUI and DWI lawyer Eddie Herbert protects your rights while defending you from the harsh penalties you may be facing in such cases.

The three-hour checkpoint was a way for “our roads to be safer for our families,” Humphrey said.

The Department of Transportation states that about four million adults reported having driven drunk at least once in 2010. Meanwhile, the FBI reports that drunk driving accounts for more than one million arrests or criminal charges each year, and is the third-most commonly charged crime in the United States after theft and drug-related offenses.

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