Knox County students learn dangers of drugs, alcohol through interactive workshops


Knox County students learn dangers of drugs, alcohol through interactive workshops

September 30, 2014 Uncategorized 0

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Knox County students are learning about the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse by going through interactive real life scenarios. It’s part of the annual TENNderCARE health conference for middle and high school students. 

This year’s event taking place at Bearden High School on Saturday. 

Showing students the consequences of bad decisions, like not wearing a seat belt, is what it’s all about. 

“We’re putting them in real life situations so they can understand that the choices they make today can be a lifestyle change,” said organizer Charlayne Frazier.

Students go through what’s called a lifestyle maze that starts with a party.

“I was in the party tent just trying to get people hyped up and get started,” said student Clay Wilkinson.

From the party tent, they draw cards to see what can happen if they abuse drugs and alcohol. On the cards are scenarios like unwanted pregnancies, being hospitalized, becoming homeless or even ending up in a graveyard.

“You kind of hear about it and you know the consequences, but then actually getting to go through in a real life situation and getting to experience it firsthand is a real eye opener,” said student Katie Testament.

“It’s really making them think for the moment. Our goal is that they will take that plan and make a plan and say you know I can make better decisions now,” Frazier said.

It took about 60 volunteers to make the day possible, including NROTC Instructor Allen Walker.

“Realize what you want to be in life, create a mental image of yourself being successful. If you create a mental image of yourself being successful, you will be successful. The only person that will stop you is you,” Walker said. More information about TENNderCARE is available here.