Winter Break


p3 Club Winter Break

The first half of the year for P3 Club has been an amazing Journey! Since I am new to the Prevention Coordinator position, I wasn’t sure what P3 Club would be or could be. My first goal was to meet with the staff from Roane County Schools and find out what their expectations were. “Be on time, and enjoy the kids” was pretty much the unanimous response. So that’s what I set out to do! 




Midway – Wow! What can I say! Our first meeting was incredible. Working with Ms. Mays this year has been inspirational. If I could only have one takeaway from this Middle School, it would be how much the students respect Ms. Mays. The old saying is true “It’s better to give, then to receive”. I have the feeling Ms. Mays gets absolute joy by serving the students at Midway Middle School! We didn’t get to have an assembly at Midway Middle for Red Ribbon Week, so I am hoping we can put one together soon! 

Harriman – Mrs. Bullard leads the P3/Random Acts of Kindness group to the cafeteria every 1st Thursday of the month. I enjoy waiting for the students to get there and hearing Mrs. Bullard say, “take your seats so we can get started”. Mrs. Bullard challenges the students to get out of their comfort zones, and must reel a few back in to their comfort zones, and yet we always have some great discussions. For Red Ribbon Week we had a balloon release, and I couldn’t be there. Ms. Bullard jumped in to help me out, and lead the balloon release with the 8th Grade students. I am honored to work with Mrs. Bullard’s servant heart leadership! 

Rockwood – Rockwood was a rough start! Our first P3 meeting had 0 students in attendance. ZERO can be such a discouraging number. So, Mr. Jackson and myself sat down and brainstormed some ideas. The Red Ribbon week assembly was one of those ideas that just made sense, the other was to change the name of P3 at Rockwood to the Character Coalition. My dad would be proud of the name change, his favorite saying is “Builds character, son” whenever I would encounter a difficult life situation. We put together a strong Assembly Team! Ashley Freeberg and Chris from Recovery Court, Tiffney Barry from Go 4th Ministries, Alan Eason formerly of Chuck Colson Prison Ministries, and myself. It was a success, our next meeting with the students had over 20 in attendance!

Oliver Springs – From the moment I met Mrs. Huckaby I could see the passion she had for the students at Oliver Springs. We also had an assembly at Oliver Springs that was more fun than I could have ever imagined. The P3 Club high fived the students as they walked in the gym for the assembly and you could feel the energy of the school! I enjoyed making Christmas cards for Children’s Hospital the most, and I look forward to working with Mrs. Huckaby in the future!

Cherokee Middle – Cherokee hit the ground running! We meet twice a month and we start early! This is the only P3 Club that begins at 7: 45 am! I would have to say the biggest success was the assembly at Cherokee Middle. It was the same team as Rockwood Middle with one awesome addition, Sarah. Sarah was on work release at the time of the assembly, she was granted the opportunity to speak to the students by the Sheriffs office. When she was speaking, you could hear a pin drop! Sarah is currently out of jail and working on putting her life on the right path.


I am so thankful to be in this position, and I am honored to work with the faculty and staff of Roane County Schools. I look forward to serving Roane County for as long as I possibly can! I have 4 kids in Roane County Schools and I wouldn’t have it any other way

If I had to give any advice to anyone that is interested in working with students, it would be “Just listen”. Sometimes kids aren’t looking for a lecture, or looking for advice; sometimes they just want someone to listen.


Harriman P3 Club

Harriman P3 Club