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Finding Strength In Sobriety

Powerless over drugs but finding strength in sobriety The power of addiction does’nt have to remain in power. Courage is a great starting point to build strength. If you feel powerless over your substance abuse, I encourage you to read this article posted by The Dream Center for Recovery.  

March 6, 2018 0

AG Sessions expected to rescind marijuana policy

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to rescind a policy that had let legalized marijuana flourish without federal intervention across the country. That’s according to two people with direct knowledge of the decision. They were not allowed to publicly discuss it before an announcement expected Thursday and spoke to the Associated Press on…
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January 4, 2018 0

Harriman Students Give Holiday Boost

Students at Harriman Middle School took advantage of an opportunity to spread some holiday cheer. U.S. troops stationed in Kuwait show off Christmas stockings made by Harriman Middle School P-3 Club members. The students sent the stockings and Christmas cards to the troops through the Adopt A Soldier Program. The school’s Positive Peer Pressure —…
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January 16, 2013 0

Pharmacide: Every 17 days, overdoses kill in Roane County

By Matt Lakin KINGSTON — Pills killed more people in Roane County last year than guns, knives, car wrecks or plane crashes. Twenty-one men and women died of accidental drug overdoses here in 2010, according to preliminary statistics from the county medical examiner. That’s an average of about one death every 17 days. The first…
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October 30, 2012 0