Be a Parent. Not a Peer

1. Do you pledge to Be A Parent, Not a Peer? Do you pledge NOT to be an enabler? NOT to supply alcohol to underage teens? NOT to allow or encourage underage teens to drink?
2. Even if you don't allow underage drinking in your home, other parents might. By taking this pledge you become part of a movement. We need your help in reaching as many parents as possible with this important message, so we are happy to share our materials. Would you like more information about this campaign and the Roane County Anti-Drug Coalition?
3. Would you like a "Be a Parent, Not a Peer" yard sign for your yard or window cling for your business?
4. Are you interested in taking an active role in prevention by serving as a volunteer for the Roane County Anti-Drug Coalition?
5. Would you like to receive our quarterly email newsletter? (Knowing we would never share your information, of course!)
6. If yes, please fill out the following information so we may contact you to discuss how you can become involved.
7. THANK YOU for your time and help in making Roane County a drug free community! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns we can address.
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