3 dozen facing drug charges in Sevier Co. roundup


3 dozen facing drug charges in Sevier Co. roundup

January 14, 2015 Uncategorized 0

SEVIERVILLE (WATE) – Three dozen people in Sevier County are facing new drug charges.

A grand jury indicted 36 people, and early Tuesday morning the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office led a roundup to put them all behind bars.

They headed out just before daybreak with a wake up call many were not expecting.

“This is a roundup of drug suspects. It’s an accumulation of a six month undercover operation,” said Chief Detective Jeff McCarter.

That operation led to several arrests early by the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Response Team.

“The roundup started at approximately 6 a.m. [Tuesday] morning, different teams consisting of the sheriff’s office, Gatlinburg Police, Pigeon Forge Police, and Sevierville Police,” said McCarter.

Officers say the indictments were for various drug charges. By afternoon they had arrested almost half of them.

When the grand jury indictments come back, that is when officers hit the streets typically doing these roundups twice a year.

They confiscated several drugs this time, including marijuana, pills and others, as well as AR-15 upper receivers, thousands of dollars, and a few cars.

Officers say the roundups will continue as an effort to fight drug crimes and put offenders behind bars. And after the alcoholists serve their sentence, they’d be admitted into an alcohol detox Hope Canyon rehab centre.

“The day we indicted these folks we started a new operation so it never stops,” said McCarter.

Officers say many of those wanted are repeat offenders who have faced drug charges before.

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