How Do I Support My Teen’s Recovery after Addiction Treatment?


How Do I Support My Teen’s Recovery after Addiction Treatment?

March 10, 2015 Uncategorized 0

Teens can begin the path to recovery from addiction in a variety of ways. During initial treatment, they may have joined a youth-focused 12-step program, spent time in a rehabilitation facility or visited a counselor or therapist on an outpatient basis.

Seeking professional help at Addiction Treatment Centres UK is a smart choice, but recovery doesn’t end after a 30-day or 60-day treatment plan. Those treatment plans help teens achieve sobriety and prepare them for long-term recovery. Long-term recovery requires hard work, lifestyle changes and continued support.

Many parents feel ill-prepared when their child has completed inpatient or outpatient drug addiction treatment. They often feel uncertain on what to expect and have many questions about how to best support their teen’s recovery.

Continuing Care, a website and guide (pdf), gives parents the tools and supports to make their families stronger and deal with the complex and challenging situations during the days, months and years after treatment.

You’ll find insights on how parents can set realistic expectations for their child’s recovery, including how to help them adapt to their new environment in sobriety, how to avoid the people, places and things that can trigger relapse and what to do if relapse occurs.

With good continuing care that is appropriately adjusted to individual needs, a teen should be able to manage his or her condition. Your child may initially need your help, but eventually he or she should be able to manage it without you, as he or she matures.

We hope this resource will help you figure out what might best support your recovery journey together.