Positive Peer Pressure: Oliver Springs Middle School P3 Club


Positive Peer Pressure: Oliver Springs Middle School P3 Club

March 20, 2015 Uncategorized 0

A group at Oliver Springs Middle School is working hard to build confidence in their fellow students.

The Positive Peer Pressure Club — P3 Club for short — is an extension of the Roane County Antidrug Coalition.

Its goal is “to eradicate bullying and to make positivity contagious,” said Jennifer Huckaby, the school counselor who serves as the club’s adviser.

Huckaby works closely with Kris Hontz of the Antidrug Coalition and the students on projects to brighten the days of others.

Recently, the P3 Club showed up for school early to kick off its annual Positive Post-It Note launch.

“They had written something positive on a Post-It for each student in the building,” Huckaby explained, “and then they left those Post-Its on each student’s homeroom desk.”

The positivity P3 hopes to spread reaches beyond the classroom.

During a recent student-led drive, P3 collected more than 140 items from the student body and community/school stakeholders.

Donations were made to Harriman’s M14 Rescue Mission, and KARM Warm Hands/Feet and Lost Sheep Ministries, both of Knoxville.

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