Staying Safe at Prom


Staying Safe at Prom

April 14, 2014 Uncategorized 0

You have been nervous, anxious, and endlessly excited for prom for what seems like months. Your hair is complete, your makeup is flawless, your dress is on and now you have a two whole hours to go until the night of the year begins. Your friends are dancing, laughing, primping, and before you know it, drinking.

Though pre-prom partying may seem like an innocent way to ease your nerves, alcohol and drugs are a quick way to ruin your entire night.

You might…

Forget the night

Consuming alcohol can leave the evening a complete blur.  Staying sober will allow you to remember the night for years to come.

Embarrass your date    

Picture this:  your date is desperately dancing alone while you are sick and miserable in the bathroom.  Not only will your friend never forgive you for leaving him/her dateless, but your prom will pass by without you.

Ruin your rep

With parents and family friends galore, people will always remember you as the one who showed up to prom stumbling around and slurring your words.  Wouldn’t you rather be remembered for your gorgeous dress, sharp tux or unexpected dance moves?

Get kicked out of prom

If you cross paths with a teacher, you will get axed immediately.  A prom night cut short due to a few drinks is a complete waste of all the preparations and the money spent on your fabulous formalwear.

Be suspended   

Once school officials catch on to your pre-prom boozing, you risk the chance of being suspended for months at a time.  Forget about prom royalty: get used to teen troublemaker.

Be arrested

Many schools hire policemen to keep prom night under control.  If a cop spies your behavior or gets a whiff of alcohol, you will have to take a Breathalyzer and will be promptly asked to leave – and that’s the best-case scenario.