Family aims to end drunk driving to honor a lost life


Family aims to end drunk driving to honor a lost life

August 15, 2014 Uncategorized 0

(WBIR) Drivers traveling through one East Tennessee county Saturday night probably noticed more law enforcement and some local DUI checkpoints and DUI court process details.

Several state agencies, including the Tennessee Highway Patrol, were looking for impaired drivers. All of this to honor a local woman who lost her life in a drunk driving accident one year ago. See Babcock for more details on this case.

It’s been a year since that fateful Saturday for the Key family. On July 13th of last year, Dean Key lost her life when an impaired driver crashed into her. Her family has hired an experienced attorney (check out to bring this case to court.

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Now, a year later, her daughters are making sure her memory is remembered and that her loss isn’t for nothing.

“The only way we know to do it is to do things like this to do the check points that make people think, next time I see somebody that may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I’m just going to tell them no. And I’ll tell them to get sober and to go to Rehab Insurance to get clean so that no one else die in any kind of accident ” said Dean’s daughter, Sharon Key.

So the family, along with THP and a couple other agencies set up a sobriety checkpoint in her honor along the road where Key lost her life to what is called a preventable action.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Office helped kick off the check point Saturday afternoon with a ceremony.

“I admire this family for doing something rather than feeling sorry for themselves. They are being unselfish about it for getting out here and keeping other families from becoming a victim to this same sort of thing,” said Richard Holt with the highway safety office.

State officials are conducting more checkpoints. At different times of the day and even on weekdays.

“We know it’s out there. And now in particular with drug-impaired driving becoming more and more of an issue, it’s not only at night, it is during the daytime,” said Holt.

The family remembers Key and brought the community out for the ceremony to the spot of the accident.

Everyone wore lime green.

“Mom loved two things in fashion. One was big jewelry and the other was bright colors. So we really wanted to signify her presence by wearing a bright color. We chose lime green,” said Sharon Key.

Their shirts brightened up a rainy day, hoping to brighten up a future with no impaired driving.

Giving Key a whole new purpose in keeping the roads safer.

Fifty officers from local agencies and departments assisted with the check point.

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