2 charged after Madisonville boy found with extremely high BAC level


2 charged after Madisonville boy found with extremely high BAC level

October 17, 2014 Uncategorized 0

MADISONVILLE (WATE) – A Madisonville dad says his teenage son got so drunk at a party that he was scared the boy wouldn’t live.

The 17-year-old’s blood alcohol level was 0.415, way above the 0.08 DUI limit for adults and into the zone doctors say can be deadly.

Two adults face charges. James Blair and Daniel Roberts are accused of giving alcohol to minors. Roberts is also accused of underage drinking.

It’s a nightmare no parent ever wants to live through. Larry Jackson received a call at work last Thursday from a neighbor who said Jackson’s son Brandon was being loaded into an ambulance and he was foaming at the mouth.

“I jumped up and went down there to the house where they were at, and they had him already loaded up in the ambulance. They airlifted him to UT. It was bad because he was in a coma from drinking and unresponsive to anything,” said Jackson.

Jackson says doctors told him Brandon’s alcohol level was five times the legal limit. Jackson says Brandon was hooked up to a respirator when he arrived at UT Medical Center.

“You’re standing there looking at your child, and they’re hooked up to all this stuff, tubes and wires going everywhere, a machine breathing for him,” he said. “It’s scary. You’re standing there and you’re going, ‘I might lose my child.'”

Jackson says he hopes his son and the other boys learned a valuable lesson about drinking and realize the consequence can be losing your life.

“You only get one chance, and my son was lucky. He come through it okay, but he could’ve been dead in the hospital,” Jackson said.

“I hope people realize what I went through,” said Brandon.

Brandon Jackson is charged with underage consumption and and he is scheduled to appear in court next Thursday.