Protect Your Medication With An Old IOS Device


Protect Your Medication With An Old IOS Device

December 17, 2018 Articles Uncategorized 0

We are always looking for creative ways to keep medication safe, and this one although unconventional is my favorite.

It requires 3 things. Your current IOS device, your old IOS device, and an app called Presence. Follow these simple steps and you’re on your way to keeping your medication safe.

1. Download the App Presence to your current phone

2. Sign up with your email and create a password.

3. Once you’re signed in, choose your current device as the remote Control

4. On your old device follow step 1.

5. Once you’ve downloaded the app to your old device use the login info you’ve already created and sign in

6. Now that you’re signed in on the old device choose camera

7. Follow the directions on screen once you’re logged in.

8. Next put your old device inside your medicine cabinet. It’s motion activated, so if the medicine cabinet is opened you’ll get an alert on the device you’re using as the remote.

You can even speak through the device you’re using as a camera. If your kids are peeking in the medicine cabinet while you’re at work, you can have a medication safety talk after you catch them in the act!

It can even record a 15 second clip. That’s handy if someone is in your home who shouldn’t be. You’ll have a clear picture to show the police.

Again, this is unconventional and we don’t suggest placing the camera anywhere else.

Together we can build a safer community.